A lot of folks think that you need to become a software engineer for a company to make money programming but there are so many ways that just aren't as mainstream. So here are five ways to make money without having a programming job.

Fiverr is a freelancing website where you can put up gigs and have people pay you to do them. Now there is a lot of competition on Fiverr but if you can make your gig stand out from everyone else's then you can actually make a lot of money. What I did originally…

I am using PyCharm and python 3.9 to make a email slicer.

Email slicers are easy, easy and can be useful if implemented into bigger projects. Basically, an email slicer returns the username and domain name of an email address.

First, we need to get an email address to slice so we use the input function like this:

email = input("Email Address: ").strip()

then we need to find where in the email the @ is. The index function returns the position of the first string, so if I had a list the was [6, 2, 7, 6] and I ran…

I am using PyCharm and python 3.9 to pause a Netflix show after a certain amount of time. Full code at the bottom.

First things first we need to import all the necessary package libraries. I am using the pyautogui and time libraries, you will need to use pip to import pyautogui.

If you are on windows open the command prompt and type:

py -m pip install pyautogui

After you import the pyautogui library, open a new project in PyCharm and use the import function to make the libraries accessible, like this:

import pyautogui
import time

Next, we need to…

Lewis Summers

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